Friday, 4 December 2009

Experimental Project

Ok, so I've been on a bit of a creative rollercoaster in the past couple of weeks. My initial idea was altered, as I decided to team up with Orla to do a much bigger project, which would require two people. We intended to go to the beach, and do some pixelation down there with sculptures on the beach. However, the weather has been absolutely appauling, and its been too wet to be able to take a camera and tripod outside. So with only a week left and the sudden dawning realisation that we weren't going to make it to the beach we had to drastically rethink our approach. Therefore we decided to make origami dinosaurs. Relevent yes? So we spent a good few days making dinosaurs and the set, and we decided we wanted to make it look like an old style film, like the original King Kong. So we imported our footage into After Effects and used various layers and effects to create and old film look. Overall, I am quite pleased with the end result, considering we didn't have any stop motion equipment, so had to just take pictures and then go back and change things after we had imported it all onto the computer, which made it a very long process, as we had no onion skin option. But I think it works well with the sound clip we chose, and I think if we had had more time we would have been able to make it much better, but considering the limitations we had, I think we did pretty good!!

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