Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Just to let everyone know, I will put all the posts up from the last few weeks, my computer has been playing up and not letting me online for any period of time so I've been writing my blog on word so I will put all the posts up shortly!!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Ok "jumping" man haha or "Jess gets drunk and falls over" man!! need to concentrate more on anticipation. Timing definately better tho......

Heres the circle animation. Was originally going for just an opening and closing eye, not very imaginative but I was thinking more simplicity :D got the timing a bit out of whack so added the fish bit onto the end. Didnt turn out too bad, but have to concentrate more on timing.

Ok here is the bouncing ball. Its ok, maybe a bit too much stretching on the way down, kind of loses its volume a little bit, maybe a bit too noticeable.

Finally got my pen stick so I could get all my stuff on the computer :P

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Life Drawing

This is definatley more like it. Not so much because of the naked man!!! But I can definatley see that my drawing has improved, even in that short space of time. I think its because, unless you do a lot of life drawing, you may have a preconcieved idea of the proportions of the human body in your mind, which are usually not accurate. Like i didn't realise that your feet are the same size as your head, but now I do, my people look less like they are going to fall over because they are too top heavy. Definatley feeling the lifedrawing!!!!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Drawing with pictures?

I get it, but at the same time, not so much........We should draw pictures instead of writing notes, and that will make us remember easier? Surely if we were listening instead of drawing pictures we would remember more? Saying that, I did remember quite a lot in that exercise earlier, so maybe there is something in it. Hmmmm....maybe ill try writing notes one week and drawing the week after and see which week I remember more. I have a feeling it'll be about the same...... And I dont think I'll go as far as having a box full of little pictures to remind me to do stuff. In the time it takes to make the box i could have done most of the stuff I had to do already.

Well here's tomorrow in pictures.....

So that in English is.........

Get up, eat breakfast, drive to uni, give money to people I owe it to, have a Snakebite, go home, go partay.......

Which did you find easier to understand????