Thursday, 16 October 2008

Life Drawing

This is definatley more like it. Not so much because of the naked man!!! But I can definatley see that my drawing has improved, even in that short space of time. I think its because, unless you do a lot of life drawing, you may have a preconcieved idea of the proportions of the human body in your mind, which are usually not accurate. Like i didn't realise that your feet are the same size as your head, but now I do, my people look less like they are going to fall over because they are too top heavy. Definatley feeling the lifedrawing!!!!

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Andy Wyatt said...

A good start but try and keep regular posts and be a bit less you tend to describe what you did. I'd rather see you ask yourself questions, so for example upload some work and discuss what went well and what didn't. What you would do to make it better the next time. Also, has anything that Kathy or Ann Told you relate to your animation work. You will find that a really good resource in the future