Friday, 27 February 2009

Catch up time!!!!

Week 3

Life drawing is definitely making me understand more about the way the body moves in certain situations. Studying weight and movement is really helping in my understanding for animation practice. How would a certain area of the body react in this situation? Which muscles or groups of muscles would the weight be on. I’ve started looking at myself more as I’m drawing out thumbnails. Where would the weight be? Where is the centre of gravity? Noticing more position of hands and feet instead of just assuming they are parallel to the body or floor.
Learning the History of early animation, certainly opens my eyes to the initial amount of labour and skill that one has to possess to be an animator. It is very easy to think that it is all done on computers these days, but without a certain artistic quality the animations would be very lifeless…..

Week 4

More extreme positions in life drawing helps with over exaggeration in the animations. I still feel I need to work more on exaggerating the correct parts of the animation though. Holding poses for the correct amount of time to increase the power of the action etc. Need to speed up more on the 2D side, having to leave earlier on Tuesday means 2D is suffering slightly and is more rushed. Possibly try to cut down on number of frames or simplify drawings??? Finding 3D easier than 2D, but liking the more artistyness (so a word) of 2D.
Ideology and Audience in Historyness – makes me realize I may be putting accidental stereotypes into things….not cool. Not sure I agree with the whole stereotypes leaking into everyday society thing though…… I don’t automatically think fat people smell.

Week 5

Still finding I’m rushing 2D. I do my frames stick them in, but by the time I’m done I have no time to fiddle with it so it sort of has to stay as it is. Have been doing some by myself at home to try and work out timings and stuff, but its difficult without the software and not having a camera at a fixed point……Not living on campus as well means I cant come in whenever, I have to try and work it around petrol costs and painting (to get money for the petrol). Damn finance people not giving me my loans….
Wasn’t feeling the media mechanisms lecture. A lot about propaganda, fair enough it has its place, just felt like being back in History lessons at school. Not good………I learned that sometimes you buy a pan because its shiny though

Week 6

Bradfoooooord!!! Wicked time, lots of gambling with free tenners, drinking, partying and buying wind up dinosaurs (named Andy and Kathy). Some pretty kick ass animations too :P everyone seemed to like that Varmints….was cool but I preferred Simon’s Cat in Cat-man-do



They have a channel on Youtube with more of their stuff on it…good times check it out.

Week 7

Feeling rough so missed History (lame times)

Animation was cool this week, doing walks. Traipsing around outside with Georg….opposite of lame…..helpful though. Easier to understand the exaggeration thing. Walking is definitely easier in 3D. Its easier to key frame and then fill in the bits inbetween in 3D because you can change things if you need to…but that might just be me being lazy……still think 3D is easier than 2D, but again with the time thing.

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