Friday, 27 February 2009

Live @ 5

Well, where to begin. Although most of our team were assembled and ready to go on time, it took a good hour before we began to get anything to do. However, I think we did really well in getting everything done, everyone pulled their weight, and from a producers point of view, it was really easy to just ask people to do certain things, and they would just get on with it. We got all of the graphics done by around 1 o clock, but just had to wait for the journalists to pick up their respective graphics.

When it came to watching the rehearsals, the graphics were all working fine and looking really good, exept the weather map, which although graphically sound, they seemed unable to use as a weather map, and instead had someone reading the weather out like a report, then flashing a map up on screen. Not the best I've seen, but from our perspective, it was quite enjoyable and I think we turned out some good graphics!

I think Tom may have some examples on his hard drive but dont quote me :P


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