Saturday, 25 April 2009

FINALLY!!! there is some serious issue with internet, or blogspot hates me, i'm not sure which.

Anyhoo, here is (yet again) catch up!!

Ident Project Hell

Things aren't going as well as planned. The first 2D atempt fell on its face. It just didn't have the feel that i wanted. So on to a combination. Maybe a 3D character in a 2D environment might work...... This is definately the most dificult task I have had so far. I have an image in my mind of what I want it to look like, but getting it to come out of my mind and into reality is failing miserably :(

Shoot me

Ok combination failed too..... I have like a week left and this is tooo muuuuuch presssuuuuuure!! it's like I have a complete mental block. Nothing is working, everything is ballsing up and it seems like there isn't much I can do about it. I'm going to have one more attempt in pure Maya. This will possibly be THE most difficult thing I have done so far, because for a start, I'm not so good at sitting in front of a computer for hours on end, and secondly, Maya is definately not something that comes naturally to me.


AHHHH!!!! I have discovered something. Modelling I enjoy. But getting the goddam things to move the way I want, i actually hate. My model has gone from a human, complete with hands, eyes, feet, mouth, clipboard; to ball with arms and claws. But with time running out I think I'm down to a "just do it" mentality. Whatever works. Which is really depressing because I really wanted to do this idea justice, and I have definately failed miserably. I am definately feeling like I don't want to embarass myself my pitching this on thursday.........


Well, after seeing everyone elses I can definately conclude that my ident sucked more than a little bit of ass........ it was confusing and long and pants. But i learned a lot i suppose......mostly about time management... and maybe next time i wont be so ambitious with my idea. A pass would make me more than happy!!!!!!

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