Tuesday, 10 November 2009

11 Second Club - Week 1

I'm really excited about this project!!! I like the idea of being able to spend a nice long period of time on one animation to make it awsome! The idea behind my animation is there is a little caterpillar and he is upset because he is stuck inside his cocoon while its all nice outside :( and he is depressed and resorts to eating "9 cans of aerosol whipped cream" poor caterpillar. His name is Arnold. I did a character design for him, and I wanted him to be as caterpillarly as possible while keeping him silghtly cartoony, so i found this picture of a caterpillars face - http://www.butterflynature.com/images/cat_face_maple_eater.jpgater.jpg and cartoonised it do make Arnold!! Here he is!

Poor sad Arnold!! Well I also did a scene layout sort of jobby so I could work out shots etc. It's a bit difficult because the animation is only 11 seconds, but thats half the challenge!!! SO here it is!

I've also done a preliminary lip sync test. I wanted to do a quick flash pass at it, just to work out timings and mouth shapes because his mouth is not a traditional mouth and has 4 moving parts. So here is a first rough pass at lip sync of the first bit of dialogue!

Well, watch this space for updates!!!

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